18-10-2021, 11:42


Установлен новый форум, просьба зарегаться заново )

Обновление форума

Автор MOTOP_GM, 09-08-2021, 10:21

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На форуме установлены новые фичи:

Updates SCEditor to version 3 and fixes multiple editor bugs
Improves numerous database queries
Makes numerous improvements to theme templates and CSS
Makes numerous corrections and improvements to language strings and documentation
Allows CORS requests in SMF
Uses "Forever" as the default time option when logging in
Moves logout button to profile menu (with fallback for non-JS users)
Sends HTTP error code 403 (Forbidden) when a banned user tries to log in
Handles TFA enable/disable menu items consistently in profile menu
Redirects user back to previous URL after changing language
Prevents bogus mention notifications
Fixes various issues with setting user notification preferences
Adds functionality to remove old alerts after they have been read
Avoids showing an alert counter with a value of zero
Improves the UI for attachment uploads
Improves the templates and UI logic for the PM system
Fixes an issue with pagination while viewing PM drafts
Improves handling of time zones
Uses correct time zone when suggesting default times for a new event
Fixes issues involving max width of images on different screens
Fixes issues with attachment images when printing a topic
Always uses correct rotation for attachment thumbnails
Fixes several errors while uploading attachments
Fixes a permissions issue that never allowed guests to upload images
Uses lazy loading for external avatars, BBC images, iframes, etc.
Improves BBC parsing in board descriptions
Keeps order of poll choices consistent across time
Neutralizes evil control characters in preparsecode()
Renders quotes with nested url tags correctly
Fixes an error when attempting to preview a poll
Allows the time picker script to be translated
Respects drafts_autosave_enabled user setting
Removes obsolete spellcheck feature